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XPort Serial COM port splitter for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit only).  Windows 8 now uses a shared sensor interface making XPort obsolete.  Since donations dropped to 3 in 2013 it's apparent that this software has outlived its usefulness.
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Custom made timers at low cost.
Compatible with all GPS and Navigation software.
Used by Military, Fire/EMS, Police, and consumers everywhere around the world.
Recommended by Microsoft, USGlobalSat, Pharos, and others.

 GPS and OBD-II DirectShow Filter, MiniCam, and XOBD
  Compass. GPS and OBD-II Display plus GPS log playback through XPort.
gps obd-2 compass

XPort features:

Version 1.54 -  5/10/13: Proper read timeouts (beta)
Version 1.53 -   3/1/13: Added 187500 baud
Version 1.52 -   3/1/12: Auto time sync bug fix
Version 1.50 -  6/27/11: Added support for NMEA AIS protocol
Version 1.49 -  4/13/11: Plays "GPS_NoFix.wav" when current fix is lost/GPS disconnects, and "GPS_Fix.wav" when fix acquired.
                                    You supply them, put them in same folder or Windows\Media.
                                    Also contained in zip: MTKSet.exe to set baud rate / update rate for MTK2 chipset. See at bottom of page.

How to use:
When starting XPort, there will be no window if it's currently installed.  Just a tray icon (that's for rebooting without any annoying popups when it starts).  Double-Click on the tray icon to open the configuration dialog.  Scan for your GPS or set the input manually if you already know, and set an output to an unused COM port, then hit "Enable Ports" and it's ready to go.  This is all automatic on first run. You may now close the dialog.  XPort will continue to run in the task bar and will start when Windows starts (Windows Vista/7 users see note below).  Connect GPS applications to one or more of the new virtual COM ports.  Multiple applications can use the same port or a separate port.

How to uninstall:
      If XPort is running, uncheck "Enable Ports" and close the window, then delete the XPort.exe file.


Download 1.54  32 bit only (not 64 bit) (29KB) (by clicking this, you agree to the terms below)

  1. I've seen the Donate button on the home page and know it's there.
  2. I have read the instructions on this page.
  3. I will not redistribute this software in any commercial retail form.
  4. Unlimited government use is granted for non-commercial purposes.
  5. I won't email about 64-bit.

xport com port settings

Find GPS
Click this to scan all ports and locate an NMEA or SiRF GPS.  Yes, it may only take 1-2 seconds but scans all 255 ports.
Enable Ports
Click this to enable the virtual port driver which all external application can connect to. Select any of these ports in your navigation app instead of the original GPS port. The 8 ports below are the assigned virtual ports.  The indicator to the left of each are green in the center when 1 or more applications are using the port. The outer ring will flicker red/blue when applications are reading from it.
Input Port/Baud Rate
are assigned to the GPS The indicator next to it will be green when connected and flicker when data is being read.

NMEA Filter
filters all noise/non-NMEA/SiRF data from the virtual ports.
Read Only (2-8) allows only the top port to send data to the Input Port. Other ports are read-only.
Battery Saver
keeps XPort from opening the GPS when no virtual ports are in use, mainly for battery powered bluetooth GPS devices.
Video Reset briefly turns the monitor off and back on.  This helps in the car PC when the monitor is blank when starting or resuming Windows.
Auto Time Sync sets the system time with GPS time when a fix is acquired.

Just below these is the log output.  Enable the check mark to start logging data from the GPS.

The device list at the bottom works much like DevCon, and is for devices that have trouble with hibernation.  Check only the devices you have trouble with.  XPort will stop the driver before hibernation, then start after resume, then retry any driver that fails to start a few seconds later. Use with caution.  Some devices may freeze XPort or fail to disable or enable.  Test each device by disabling/enabling in Device Manager.

The status line shows current status: NMEA, SiRF or Unknown data.  "No Data" if it's not reading or times out. The seconds display is data, it's not tied to any clock even though it may look like it. Use this to verify speed and accuracy of data throughout the stream.

Tray Status Icon: Black=Not Connected  Connected-No data   Valid GPS-No Fix   2D Fix  3D Fix


Other tweaks for car PC
Disable boot login:
  1. Click Start > Run > Type "control userpasswords2"
  2.  Uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"
Disable baloon tips:
  1. Click Start > Run > Type gpedit.msc
  2. Click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu & Taskbar
  3. Double click on Remove Balloon Tips on Start Menu Items
  4. Click Enabled
  5. click OK
Or RegEdit:
  Create a new DWORD value named EnableBalloonTips.
  Set value to 0 (zero)
Disable prompt for password on resume from hibernate/suspend
  1. Click Start > Run > Type gpedit.msc
  2. Click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Power Management
  3. Double click on Prompt For Password On Resume From Hibernate/Suspend
  4. Click Disabled
  5. click OK

downloads/ - 2 handy registry tweaks (Window XP - 7 compatible) SermouseDisable and EnableBalloontipsOff.

MTKSet (beta 1.0) instructions:   Mediatek MTK chipset only   i.e. i-Blue GM-2

    Apparently the manufacturer software (GpsView) has inaccurate bandwidth calculations and the AGPS update doesn't work.  i.e. notice no change when adjusting sentence frequency.
    The rest appears to work.

    With XPort running and connected to the GPS, start MTKSet and select desired option (Baud rate, Update rate, NMEA frequency) and click the associated button to the right/below.

    DO NOT set set combinations that will use more than 100% bandwidth.

    Note: For MS Streets & Trips, if not using XPort use 4800 baud and 1Hz only.  Or use XPort to allow for higher speeds.


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