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Custom timers without the design costs, or complete custom hardware starting at $100.
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Email for any questions before or after ordering: greg@curioustech.net  PayPal account email address is assumed same as discussions.

Units are tested and shipped within 24 hours if possible.
Low cost shipping anywhere ($2.60 US, $9.50 Canada, $13.50 International) with over 7000 units sold around the world.
Unlike generic consumer 555 timer relays, these are microprocessor controlled electronic timers designed for versatility, allowing for precise timing and complex, customized logic.

Important: These are the only consumer MOSFET switch timers so they are silent, never wear out, can switch high current, are extremely efficient and can run at a very wide voltage range.  However, they are not designed for any specific load.  Inductive loads (relays, solenoids, motors) require a flyback diode (free with request) to ensure proper function, with diagrams to explain hookup.

Not sure what you need?  Describe the application and get the perfect timer. Easy as that.

Standard option samples:
1 Cyclical 7 Delay-on-break
2 Timed to off 8 Custom
3 Timed delay 9 Analog Detect
4 Delay-on-make/Timed On 10 Servo control
5 D-O-M/D-O-B 11 Trigger + lockout
6 Negative pulse  
Pile of timers
TMR-1  7.6A or 30A  $11.95-$13.95     #1 seller
Positive switching.  (For negative switching see TMR-3)

2.4-17/30V quiescent current:  480µA run / 44µA idle.
2.0-6.0V quiescent current:  48µA run / 4.5µA idle.
7.6A or 30A max continuous current (10A/100A pulse) for each model.

Up to 3 inputs, individually configured for +/-/pulse trigger, switches, buttons, I2C/SPI (for time setting), TTL, or voltage level.

Over-current/Thermal protection. No reverse polarity protection.  Use a diode if necessary, but voltage requirements will be higher.

Not user programmable.  Programming must be requested before ordering.

Factory programmed for cyclical or triggered, from microseconds to hours.  LED normally is on when output on, blinking when timer running.  Customization or removal may be requested.

 Trigger to 250ms pulse 5 times, 1 hour delay, loop.
 Tap button to turn on/off, on 15 minutes after ignition off.
 Strobe light.  Scavenge pump timer.  Power saver.

Heatshrink and waterproofing (acrylic/silicone conformal) may be requested free.
Timer 1
Switching Current
(back) TMR-1-6A-5V
Standard hookup diagram to a relay with power switch or trigger button (green will likely be white or yellow)
TMR-2  Programmable 7.6A or 30A  $13.95-$16.45
1 in  / 1 out programmable versatile SuperTimer. 3V 5V 9V 12V 24V DC

Note: New 2015 models have larger buttons, and increased to 30A with optional crystal on rear.  Small button models have no crystal.

   5V = 1.8~6.0VDC  45µA quiescent
 28V = 2.4~28VDC  65µA idle (XT=80µA run / 40µA idle) quiescent
   XT = Crystal controlled.  No crystal = +/- 6s per hour.
   Negative switching by request only (more efficient)
Prototype (blue LED): 130µA run / 68µA idle @12V

For older models, see programming at bottom of page.

2015 programming (unless custom):

Setting 1: 0-255 time off
Setting 2: 0-255 time on
Setting 3: 1-255 multipier for time off
Setting 4: 1-255 multiplier for on time
Setting 5: Modes (cycle, input pulse, run-thru)
Setting 6: Setup (invert input, pulse, latch, off-on/on-off)
Setting 7: Extra (min/secs, subtract off from on, auto-start)
Timer 2
Black - Ground (zip cord)    NOTE:  All models have wire, but sometimes not pictured with it.
Red - Power  (zip cord)
Blue - Input
Separate red/black stripe (30A), white or yellow(7.6A) - Output
TMR-3  7.6A  Up to 24A pulse        $9.45 or $9.95
The smallest tiny timer you'll find.  10mm x 16mm

Lower voltage is suitable for 2-4AA,  3.7V Lithium, 5V USB, 6V, 9V batteries, etc.
Higher voltage for automotive 12V DC applications.

Up to 3 (-) inputs or switches/buttons or 1 (+) input.

Not user programmable.   Programming must be requested before ordering.
Negative switch/sink only of relays, motors, high power LEDs, horns, interior lights, etc.

Factory programmed for cycle or triggered delay from microseconds to hours.

Working examples (TMR-1 or TMR-3):
  One-shot for X seconds.  3-way switch for 3 different times.
  Cycle X seconds on, X seconds off.
  Tap a button to start/tap to stop, hold to learn run time in 0.1 sec increments (up to 99 hours).
Timer 3 
Quiescent Current
Relay hookup example  Power can be switched on negative or positive.
Custom momentary/trigger wires not shown.
TMR-I²C    New

I²C / TTL serial programmable timer

1.8-6V  (150µA quescent) or 2.2-17V
7.6A positive (source or 3.3/5.0V) or negative switching
1 or 2 trigger inputs (negative, positive, or specific V range)
1 shot, cyclical, or custom timing options saved to EEPROM.
Direct output and LED control from interface options
LED options: Off / 10ms pulse per iteration or toggle
Timing options in ms, seconds, hours, etc.

3.3 and 5V compatible interface
serial programmable i2c timer 12V 3V 5V cyclical
TMR-5  3.1A, 7.6A and 30A Digital Timer  $23-$25

2 button 3-digit: 7.6A negative switch
3 button 3-digit:  30A negative switch
3 button 3-digit:  3.1A reversable (motor) output

2-28V operation.
Quiescent current: 0.65mA with display off, 11mA on.
1x (1-30V) logic input or 1x analog/voltage + 2 x 5V inputs

Fully custom designed for 1-10 different settings, easy up/down/next adjustments saved to EEPROM, or measuring timing with scroll memory.
0-999 seconds, minutes, hours, milliseconds, down to 2uS or anything within 0-999, 0.00-9.99, 0.0-99.9 for 3-digit.  Mix on secs, with off hours, etc.  Time to build may be several days.
Custom projects and misc.
Timer 5
Note: Prototypes shown (components and wire missing)

Sizes: 38 or 30mm x 23mm x 8mm (1 button)
2 button 7.6A Bump box timer: 37x21mm
Default 1-999ms up/down adjust
TMR-M  3.1A Reversible Timer  $10.95
For motor or other reversing polarity needs

  Note: Unfinished.  Wires not shown on this one.

3.1A at 2.0~20V DC.  2 inputs (2-20V)
Quiescent current: 4

Can be designed to run a motor for a fixed time when input supplied, and run reversed for fixed time when input removed, cycle, or trigger + delayed + timed, or adjustable options, etc.
Timer M motor reverse control
TMR-M-RF  Limited supply 1A Reversible Timer.  Email for pricing.

For motor or other reversing polarity needs up to 1A at 2.5~12V.

Momentary 2-way switch + 2 or 4-button long range remote.

Custom designed remote motor control with programmable timer.  Custom options can include speed control.
Timer M RF remote motor timer
TMR-RF-6A    Negative switch 3-6V,  plus 1-button/LED.
TMR-RF-4x6A Up to 4 Ch 2.5-30V +switch timer + LED.

Email for pricing.

~0.5mA quescent.
1 input on 4x model.

Custom designed timers with 5 remote inputs (Long press, short press, A+B) for start/stop, individual custom timers on each channel, as well as adjustable times set by remote.

Range is about 50 meters.  Wires added and instrctions included.

Also avaiable as non-RF
TMR-4x6A Up to 4 Ch 2.5-30V positive or negative (sink or source) and 1-2 inputs.

Timer RF 1 sink and 4 source 1 and 4 channel RF remote timer
TMR-USB-1 7.6-Amp Output

USB programmable 7.6A output timer with 1 input.
2.4-28V or 5V source.
2-30VDC input.
2-5.5VDC input on side pins, 5VDC out.
Quiescent current: 11mA

Note: Timer requires power to maintain clock, but can be set by USB while powered or preset to moment when power is applied.

There are 32 events available to perform a variety of functions:
- Trigger can be time of day (daily or day of week), main input high/low, FET or any of 6 5V TTL pins.
-  Immediate function allows for turning the FET on or off.
-  Timed function allows for a delay of 0 seconds to 32 days.
-  FET/pins High/Low can trigger another event for chaining.

- Delayed timer turns FET on/off or sets a TTL pin high or low.  (TTL pins must be programmed for output).  Output pin states can trigger events just like FET.

Pins 1-5 can be used for reading 10-bit analog.  Only for PC use.

The timer can be left connected to the PC for monitoring or disconnected at any time.

timercontrolr2.zip  or timercontrolr3.zip
  (DLL and source available on request).

Warning: Use a diode on relays to protect main output.  Other pins are compatible with Arduino 5V/12V relay boards.
Timer USB prgrammable MOSFET timer
USB programming software
Button tap toggles output and cancels timers (will pulse output if pulse mode used, or start/stop in repeat mode).

Programming for TMR-2 (All settings are stored in EEPROM and can be factory programmed, and user programmed at any time)

Units made before April 2013:
   Hold button, LED will off-blink at 5, 10, 15, 20 second intervals. Release after 5 for option 1, etc.  Tap for desired number.
   No input for 5 seconds ends programming. No input disables option (sets to 0).
   Options 1, 2, 3 confirms with blinks: on-time, pause, off-time, pause, multiplier.  Option 4 confirms only option 4.

Units made April 2013 - Dec 2014:
   Hold button, LED will off-blink at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 second intervals. Release after 4 seconds to view settings.  Release after 8 for option 1, etc.
  Tap for desired number.  No input for 5 seconds ends programming. No input disables option (sets to 0).  LED will blink number entered.

  1. On-timer (0-255)  Timed delay after input ON to turn output ON or pulse
  2. Off-timer (0-255)  Timed delay after input OFF to turn output OFF
  3. Multiplier (1-255) Multiplies on and off timer by number of minutes/seconds.
  4. Mode (See Mode Table)
Mode Seconds Minutes Seconds
Output Pulse
Output Pulse
Normal 0 1 2 3
Input Pulse 4 5 6 7
Repeat 8 9 10 11
Repeat/InPulse 12 13 14 15

On Off Mult Mode Description
10 10 1 0 In-High = 10 sec delay to ON, In-Low = 10 sec to OFF (Default)
   In < 10 seconds = never ON (Delay On Make & Break)
10 20 6 1 In-High = 1 hour delay to ON, In-Low = 2 hour delay to OFF
0 30 1 1 In-High = Instant ON, In-Low = 30 min delay to OFF
    In-Pulse = 30 minutes on  (Delay on Break)
10 0 1 0 In-High = 10 sec delay to ON, In-Low = Instant OFF
     In < 10 seconds = never ON (Delay on Make)
10 2 1 2 In-High/Pulse = 10 sec delay to pulse, In-Low = 2 sec delay to pulse
10 0 1 2 In-High/Pulse = 10 sec delay to pulse, In-Low = nothing
0 10 1 2 In-High/Pulse = pulse, 10 second delay, pulse
10 10 1 3 Same as mode 2 but minutes instead of seconds
1 10 10 4 In-High/Pulse = 10 sec delay to ON, ON for 100 sec
10 0 1 4 In-High/Pulse = 10 sec delay to Toggle
1 60 1 5 In-Pulse = 1 min delay to ON, ON for 60 min
15 2 1 13 Off for 15 mins, ON for 2 mins, repeat while input ON

Example:  Setting delay-on to 5, then selecting display which reads 5, 3, 1, 1
Custom designs are not impossible, but all the timers above are the most versatile on the market today and fit most needs.
Other work in progress:
Custom projects and misc.
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