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UNI-T UT181A alternative Windows software v0.04

v0.04 2017/12/15:
Sampling rate from 100ms to 10 seconds (default 500ms, but saved)
v0.03 2017/12/12:
Auto zoom chart
v0.02 2017/  6/23:
Auto-exports records when it loads them.

Currently in beta, but complete.   Email for feature requests.

Download  53KB  If you use this free software, please consider donating on the home page to show that it's useful.

UT181A software GUI
Enable communication on the UT181A and start the app.  Connection is automatic, so it will detect USB plugging/unplugging, and comm start/stop.  The connection is just for manually stopping it.  Hold controls the meter as well though.

Click on graph to select corresponding entry in log, and vise-versa.  Possible bug here, after 32700+ entries (51 minutes) it may get out of sync, but the tooltip will display correct info.

The log button toggles logging, and clears the log list window.  When started, it will clear the list and begin at that point.  When toggled off, it will save and clear the list.  Writes occur when the list overflows at 32767, when logging is turned off, clear is pressed, or the app exits.  At 10Hz it writes 600 lines per minute, so it can get long quick.

Local and meter stored recordings are under "View Records" and are listed seperately.  Local are named "log" which is the end of the filename, so manually changed names can be seen here.  When stored records are loaded, they are saved locally.  The sames date and storage name+.log will be seen at the bottom of the list.  The DEL key deletes the selected record or log file.

0L and --.--- (blank display) are represented as cieling values on the chart, unlike the original app which draws it at the high chart value which shifts with range changes (auto or manual) showing the wrong values, for all data of previous ranges!

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