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A quick and automatic way to monitor a COM port

SerialMon Adruino serial COM port monitor

Version History:
  2/10/2016: v 0.0.2
The ESP8266 seems to inject NULLs in prints.
  2/03/2016: v 0.0.1 Initial beta

This a simple app for displaying text from a COM port.  Set the port and buad rate from the system menu, and it will automatically reconnect when USB is disconnected and connected.  Select Hold to stay disconnected.  The Hold can be unset before the COM port is available again, and it will connect as soon as it can, such as for Arduino programming.  As soon as the Arduino device is done programming, it will immediately reconnect.  Clear clears the screen.  Auto Clear clears on connect.

If you see i.e. "New device: COM6" when plugging in a device, it just means it detected a serial device, but is not set to that device.  It's a little easier than looking in Device Manager to find the new port.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  ESC = Exit
  X   = Clear
  C   = toggle Capture
  T  =  toggle Text/hex
  H   = toggle Hold
  1-9 = 10-90 second hold


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