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Scope and Logic app

This is a replacement or alternative to the Hantek 6022BE and 6022BL Windows software.  Sort of.  It's only been tested on Windows 10, and is the base code to start the project.  Many features need to be added, and a lot of code needs to be cleaned up.  It's going to be an off and on project. 

Note: This includes the BL build of HTMarch.dll, so replace it with the BE if this one doesn't work.

Download:  29KB

Version History:
  6/13/16: V0
  5/14/17: v0.02 
Fixed crashes on longer sample rates


Just about everything on this is clickable. D-value is fixed in SineX/Y mode currently.  Use config to adjust the colors.  Switch between scope and logic at the bottom right.
Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope
The 16 channel logic analyzer can currently monitor and measure just a short time period.  It has nothing on something like the Saleae logic software, which is what I use for real work.
Hantek 6022BL Logic analyzer


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