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Hyperion EOS 0720i / 0730i NET3 AD  Control and Data Software

Currently only supports the 720i NET3, NET2, NET3AD and 730i with firmware v5.86-5.94

This is freeware, but if you like it please donate on the home page.

  v0.22:     3/5/16 - Support for v 5.94
  v0.21: 11/20/14 - Support for storage % on Lithiums.
  v0.20:   7/15/14 - Mousewheel zoom and chart dragging support.
  v0.18:   2/14/14 - Li Stop/Continue fixed.
  v0.17: 10/13/13 - Added support for 730i
  v0.16:   7/19/13 - TVC voltage display fixed.  v5.9 update.  "Restore Last" in memory can restore after external changes.

Designed as a better interface for controlling the Hyperion charger with faster access to controls and settings, larger cleaner chart, and a few new features.  Note: the first run may seem sluggish for 12 seconds while data management updates.

Most all features are implemented excluding dual control and other models.
Tired of seeing this?  "Searching for connected chargers, Please wait..."

Starts in less than 1 second
Instant access to all memory
No minimum CPU requirement
No constant HD access
Hyperion EOS 720i
Hyperion EOS software
Hyperion Sun Logo © Hyperion HK Ltd.
The buttons down the center start the mode of operation.

The selector to the right selects which memory to use during the operation.  Sort by memory #, name, chemistry...

The small buttons control what information is displayed on the chart.  Colors are adjusted in Settings.

Double-click on memory to edit memory (See below).

Left-Click the scale side of the chart to toggle the DSP.  This will remove the idle spikes.

Left-Click the chart side for position details.
Hyperion EOS start cycle Some dialogs may appear for cycle and NiCd/NiHM charge/discharge.

Select the options and press start.  The defaults are most often used.
Hyperion EOS start confirm

Confirm may appear when the cell count doesn't match. Press this or ENTER on the charger to start.
Hyperion EOS memory editor
Double-click a memory to edit.

The Memory Editor works much like the original, just faster to access, C calculations and finer adjustments.

Copy From copies from another memory profile to the editor. If you see "Restore Last" that's an undo from the previous change of the current profile.

Backup saves the profile to the computer.

Restore retrieves the last backup of the current profile.

Battery Date is optional.  Charges/Discharges increment when starting an operation.  This data is stored in the log for later use.
 Hyperion charge log viewer
Click any log to view it.  Double-click to close.

Click sort tabs to sort by item.

Press DEL to delete the currently selected log or right-click to use the context menu.

Context menu has export, delete, column control. 

Format of exported data:  Time (Seconds), Supply (V), Battery (V), Current (Ah), Total (Ah), Level (Dec), Temp (C/F), IR (Ohms), Cell 1 (V), Cell 2(V)....Cell 7 (V)
Hyperion user settings
Settings controls user setup on charger plus software settings.

Auto Confirm will press the confirm button when available (enables after warning of possible death).

Quick Opt enables option for quick charge feature.

The color chooser can be used to modify the color of most components of the software.

Click the example to change the line to thicker, dashes, dots, etc.

Bluetooth conversion for the 720i.  All credit goes to:

All connections are the same as the 1420i, but this was done on the bottom of the PCB since it's easy to remove.  The LED can be seen through the front vents, if placed either above or below the PCB.

Hyperion 720i bluetooth hack

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