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This page contains miscellaneous projects which may or may not ever amount to anything.
Based on the old Spark-O-Stat below

Arduino ESP8266 Nextion HMI Display using ESP-07

 WiFi Waterbed Heater

Data log

Best WiFi Waterbed heater
WiFi Doorbell  Arduino ESP8266 WiFi Doorbell OLED weather alertArduino ESP8266 WiFi Doorbell Notification PushBullet Web control
WiFi Garage Door Opener Arduino ESP8266 WiFi Garage Door Opener
Spark-O-Stat : Open source Particle Photon based WiFi thermostat.

 9/12/2014: Project start
 1/20/2015: Tween method added.  Testing showed meh.
 1/25/2015: Range scaling added.  I'm liking this much more.
 7/17/2015: First attempt at a case.  Decent.
 7/29/2015: It's alive!  It's working better than expected.

Range scaling adjusts inside temp within the desired range, based on future outside temp ranges for the next 3 days.

Github repository

Particle Photon is $19
3 PCBs from OSHPark are $30.

ILI9341 5V/3.3V 240x320 2.4" SPI TFT LCD Touch Panel
     from alice1101983 on eBay $9

AM2302 from eBay (Still too close to Spark on r1, and tight fit)
   - Note: r1 changed to pin A1 for thermistor use as well.

ALPS EC12E24204A2 rotary encoder (short)
 C5,C6:  0.01uF 0805 capacitors (back of PCB)

Thumbwheel: 3/4 flat washer 35072B. 15/64 drill bit to make it fit. Or 3 Danco 61809B washers (1.5")

K1-K4: AQY282SZ Solid state relays (500mA max)
R1-R4: 470 ohm 0805 resistors  (Order 3 ea. for no heatpump)

SG1: Tone transducer AT-1220-TT-5-R (or other 6.5mm pitch pins)
 Q1: General purpose SOT-23 NPN
 R5: 1K 0805 resistor
 C3: 0805 cap (not needed)

Power supply: (only 200mA required so this could be smaller)
 B1:  DF-4 Bridge Rectifier
 IC1: 5V switching regulator
 C1: 15uF 35V
 C2: 220uF 10V
 D1: SMA Schottky Diode
 L1: 68uH inductor
 F1: PPTC breaker  1.5A/3A 24V

 HVAC:  7-pin 3.5mm screw term.   39357-0007
 LCD:       14-pin                  M20-7821446
 AM2302:   4-pin                  929984-01-04 (not needed)

The case chosen isn't the best, but works.  The thumbwheel was changed to 3 Danco 61809B washers.  1.5" seems large, but works well instead of relocating the encoder.  White vilnyl looks bad, but black or black chrome will improve that.  This is to cover the bad cutting and unused screen edge. Spark-O-Stat IoT WiFi HVAC touchscreen thermostat Spark Particle IoT PCB
Particle WiFi Thermostat log first 6 days

Current cloud variables and setting:
  Mode, fan, natgas/heatpump switches, plus operating status
  Cool and heat temperature settings (low and high)
         -Target temp is calculated instead of schedule.
  Indoor temp and humidity
  Outdoor temp (from forecast)
  Fan post-cycle delay for AC and HP circulation after a cycle
  Fan-on counter (also used for filter replace timer)
  Cycle run counter / temp change (to post events for logging
  Total seconds run and degrees changed since last reset
  Cycle threshold in 0.1°
  Gas heat threshold (Auto mode: diff in deg from outdoor temp)
  Minimum idle seconds between cycles
  Minimum/maximum cycle limiters
  Pushbullet notifications for warnings, published events on operation changes
WiFi Car Sentry

This uses DeepSleep mode to wake up on an interval and send data to another computer or server.  Data includes car battery voltage, temperature/rh, a +12V signal, and a negative/sink.  2 sink outputs.  There's a pad for the wake pin (sink), which could probably be connected to the alarm.  The serial may also be used later for expansion.
Quick 6 setting timer.  Email for more info.

6 mode timer
A curious wireless data acquisition project.

A USB break-out-board is used to monitor RF transmitters (around $2-$3 for these TX/RX pairs), along with a 4 digit display doing the same.

Sensor boards transmit a unique ID plus data and checksum periodically or when triggered, and can run off 3-12V.  Coin cells, AA, N cell.  Range appears to be 30m at 3V to 600m at 12V.  12 months on a single 14500, except for the ultrasound device.

The ultrasound unit was made to detect vehicles.  Temp/humidity is used next to the HVAC thermostat.  Reed switch on garage door.  3 CDS cell on 3 lights on HVAC.  Doorbell.

Anything can be transmitted.  Digital logic such as switches, potentiometers/voltage levels (analog) have been tested.  Other sensors with SDA interfaces can be used.  PIR, IR, Hall effect, pressure sensor, gas, smoke, etc.
Wireless RF house sensor modules

Toys.  Just toys.
LED ring pendant
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